Friday, June 08, 2007

You Cringe, But

Yes, I do knit at stop lights on occasion. Not as often as I used to, because the lights are a little shorter these days. But, last night going home, the traffic was AWFUL! IDOT is working on a stretch of highway (since March of 06 and it will be ongoing until November this year.) Last night the traffic was backed up....thank goodness, I had my Babies and Bears Sweater within reach. I pulled it up and got quite a few rounds knitted while waiting at the stop lights and resulting backed up traffic.

Oh, yes there was that moment, when I looked into my bag for my row counter, that could have been a problem, but I recovered nicely and from now on I will have my tools laid out ahead of time.

And, well, yes I was alone....I don't usually knit when I have some one riding with me!

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