Friday, February 22, 2008

Damn Snow!

If it's not the weather we are talking about, it's the flu stuff that is going around! The weather played a cabosh on the Radicals getting together out at Knit 4 Together again this Thursday night. Not that I needed anything, because I was there last Saturday for a real quick trip to pick up some yarn to finish my Brooks Sweater.

I'm off today and Monday. I originally took the days off for Arnhild's Knit Camp, but since plans changed, I still left them on the books. I have errands to run today for a shower I am going to tomorrow and one that I am giving next Thursday at work.

This is the February sweater from Knitter's Almanac that I hope to have for the shower next week. I figured last night when I did not go to Knitting that I would come home and make a dent in it. But, somehow, I was asleep in the chair before 9.

Monday's plan (if the weather) cooperates is to go Mother of the Groom dress shopping. As always, I hope to drop a few pounds before the wedding (officially I went back to WW last Monday), but I better see what is out there, I feel the time crunch coming. The shawl I believe has been abandoned based on what I saw out there on a recent dress shopping expedition.

I spent some time last night (before sleeping in the chair) to take some pictures so I have some things to post about in the next couple of days on the blog. I've been kind of lazy on the posting lately as well as have not been checking my Ravelry buds, but with a couple of days off I hope to catch up on some internet time!

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