Saturday, February 09, 2008

Sleeping Aids

At night when I go to bed, to help sleep along I listen to knitting podcasts on my MP3 player. There is something so soothing about the voices or maybe it is just the relaxing discussion of knitting, but it does the trick every time. Eventually, if I really want to listen to the podcast I have to do it sitting at my computer.

Meg's DVDs and tapes do the same trick if I am really tired. I got my new Rib Warmer DVD from Schoolhouse Press yesterday. After getting home from visiting family in from Minnesota last night, and every one else here was either in bed, working or out for the night, I popped it in to watch just a little of it before heading down to bed.

Next thing I know Baby Boy B was coming home, shutting the t.v. off and I am snuggling down. I woke up this morning, all snuggled down in my electric blanket, light still on and in my chair still in my clothes of yesterday!

Meg's voice was so soothing and after a long day, she just lulled me to sleep with thoughts of my next ribwarmer and how I could put sleeves on it.

I won't get much time today to watch it again since the family is still here for a funeral today, but tomorrow when the high is supposed to be aroun 11 degrees, I'll pop it in again when I am not so tired so I can see it in it's entirety.

But for those who might have sleeping problems, I recommend Podcasts or one of Meg or EZ's tapings, they just wrap you so snuggly up and off you go.

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Robin said...

Watching people sew and knit really is soothing. Maybe someone ought to market then as an Ambien substitute. ;)