Monday, February 25, 2008

Ocean Waves

I started thinking I would make the Hybrid Sweater and then switched to the Brooks Sweater from The Opionionated Knitter. All along I have been knitting not knowing if I would make it into a cardigan or just leave as a pullover. I need the practice on steeking and horizontal buttonholes so that is where I was leaning. Until, I tried it on last night.

I decided it really looks nice as a pullover. But, once again the sleeves are too long, and I could roll them up past the cuff, but frankly, I am getting tired of that. And I was not real happy with where the shaping hit. It was about an inch too far over. So, I ripped it out. Ripped back the sleeve a couple of inches and have reconnected it.

It's not a bad think, and I will be happier with it and the fit! And it is a great idiot knitting project. I am off today. But, can't work on it....I have to see how far I can get on the baby sweater for Thursday. Today is laundry day (didn't do much of it this weekend) and knitting on the baby sweater. I was going dress shopping, but I just don't have it in me today....have to be in the mood and I am not!

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