Saturday, February 02, 2008

I Don't Care What Phil Said

Spring is coming. I have had enough of the snow and the wind! I'm tired of putting on my boots. I'm not tired of wearing my sweaters though.

I should have went into work yesterday. It was interesting who showed up for work. People who probably live in a more country like atmosphere made it in, those of us in the city, did not. But, maybe that's because they have the county and state clearing their roads, where we depend on the city to clear our side streets. Something that ours is just doing this morning, after the parking ban was lifted early last night.

But, I had a good day yesterday anyway. I signed up for Knit Camp 2.75. Listened to a couple of podcasts "Stash and Burn". Knitted a bit. Did some laundry. And last night we went for groceries.

So, today, fighting the urge to go yarn shopping, I am staying in and doing some more laundry and knitting more on the requested scarf.

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Nancy said...

Phil's held up for display long before the sun is up....and would always see his shadow in all those camera lights. (See my blog) Know a good recipe for groundhog stew?
2.75 sign up for me, too.