Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Realistcally, this will probably be the last Mother's Day for about three to five years that the boys will pose for a picture like this with me. It's kind of sad as I sit here tonight thinking how we have had 25 Mother's Days together. But enough of that! Look what they surprised me with. Who would a thunk it?

I love it. I have bitched and moaned enough about our old sweeper, that the boys bought me a new one for Mother's Day. And does this think pick up?! It just amazes me how much dust is in the carpet in so small of an area!

What a great day it was today! Even though it is cool and quite rainy at times, it has been a great Mother's Day.

Now, I am off to sit and do some knitting and watch a movie or two.

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