Saturday, May 03, 2008

Yarn Shopping

It's time again! To go out and do a little yarn shopping. It's going to rain today, and what better way to spend a few hours. Well, yes, I could stay in and knit, but there have been a couple of things on my mind that I want to check out. And I have discovered that if I do not act on them, I won't be with a darn in my knitting.

First, I am heading out to Knit 4 Together to check out some patterns for a first sweater. Not necesssarily for me, but there has been that thought percolating for sometime that I want to see about.

Then, over to Ewe-nique Yarn, because my lunch buddies turned me onto a possibility for the Mythical Beast Contest and I want to see if the yarn that I am thinking of can be found there. Gail, one of the library research staff, searched for some details for me and the rest of the table helped me come up with some possibilities to add to it. And then the tall guy gave me yet another idea on how to incorporate it. I nixed his idea, but came up with an alternative.

Then, I came home and googled it. Low and behold someone has sort of came up with the idea in the form of a pattern several years ago. Who would have thunk that was possible? But, that is not making me stop.....I think I might give it a whirl, if not just for fun!

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