Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I'm Torn

While searching for an old WIP, I found this yarn. Ah ha, I said, it would be perfect for a Baby Surprise Jacket.

Then, I found this in progress. I vaguely remember it, but who I was I knitting it for? It doesn't really matter because whomever it was for is probably at least in high school by now.
For a moment, I gave thought to continuing to knit on it and give it to my friend at work who researched my mythical beast for me. She has granddaughters that could probably wear it. And Gail is the recepient of several old sweaters that I have knit and cast off to her. She wears them so proudly and it makes me feel good.

But, then, wouldn't this be so cute in a Baby Surprise? I have never actually knit a whole one and this would be a good start. I see another project started in my future, but....I would also elimnating a WIP so it really is just an exchange. Right!?

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Linda said...

Go for the BSJ!!