Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Fairy Yarn Mother

I have my own personal shopper. Isn't that nice?! My friend and fellow radical knitter, Norma shops for me if I need it. See, she is retired and I still have to work. So, when I had an epiphany on Sunday (after I had been to the yarn shop on Saturday) that a set of Denise Needles would be a great gift for a medical student who is graduating on Saturday and who knits and who just happens to be almost my daughter-in-law. And after I realized that I have absolutely no time to go and get them, unless I didn't (not a chance) go to dinner before knitting on Thursday.

So, I emailed my FYM and she said she would shop for me. So, I thought yarn for a scarf would be nice to include in the bag. Only problem is.....I'm not sure I am giving both of them to her....I kind of like the one on the right, just don't don't know what for.

Thanks Norma!

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