Friday, May 30, 2008

And You Thought I Was Gone!

Which means that the Blog would not have any more pre-wedding discussion. Well, that is partially true.

Yesterday was a busy day at work with the Retirement Party pre and post set up and clean up. But, I still managed to get over to Morton to pick up some yarn they had ordered for me. But, I'll blog about that next week. I promise, after the wrap up post on the wedding next week, it will be back to knitting content. I have alot of I am keeping for posts.

A co-worker who happens to be leaving today for other employment, wished me well yesterday and told me to go home last night and get all those little things done, like last minute laundry and packing and she said "no knitting". Huh, she just does not understand does she?

This morning I just have to finish packing which will include my knitting....after all it is about an hour and half away....The tall guy is making me breakfast AND I am still trying to figure what clothes to take for the rehearsal tonight (black pants with something- I have several options) and Sunday brunch at the Inn.

Have a good weekend all, I'll blog when we get back.

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