Sunday, October 26, 2008

1st Stop

My first stop on the way to Indy was Needleworks in Champaign/Urbana. I've said it before, but this place has it all! Lots of great yarn, ambiance and a Cheers attitude, no matter how long it has been since you have been there.

And a couple of resident designers. This is another from Matthew Hession. I could not resist his side to side sweater from sock yarn.

It includes the American Doll Sweater. I have a couple of little girls that I might knit this for them out of some leftover sock yarns that I have. Not immediately though, just a thought down the road.

Of course, I had to buy some sock yarn for a couple of them. The Caribe colors are for me for socks.

The Feral Knitter turned me onto this yarn. And Needleworks had it!

Yarn for the tulip sweater. This is probably going to be a late Spring sweater for the new great neice. There is no rush to do it right now.

These are not the same yarns the original was knit from, but one that someone at Needleworks knitted it with. I love the pastels they chose.

The other cool find was the pattern for the same sweater in an adult version. I thought this might be kind of nifty to use up some leftover Cascades?

Yarn Souvenirs, don't you just love an excuse for buying more yarn?

Tomorrow, part 2

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