Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Trip

I took an extra half day from work on Wednesday, so that I could do a little yarn shopping on my way to the Conference. First stop in hand was Needleworks in Champaign. I have said it before, but I will say it again. This is like the Cheers of yarn shops. Even after several years of not getting there (we now have yarn shops in are area), Sharon greeted me by name and asked about the tall guy as well as the recent wedding. Of course, she has had help from a couple of yarn buddies, but still it means alot to be remembered.

Of course, I bought yarn and patterns, I'll show those when I have the time. But, suffice it to say for now, there are a couple of projects out there to be done. Nothing really big though.

Second stop, Mass Ave Knits. That place has everything. Except for two things, downtown Indianapolis is the pits to get around in. The one way streets the NW SE quadrants, the construction. Oy!

The owner of Mass Ave was not in, and I could tell. I must have been in the shop a half an hour, and no one approached me at all. Not a hi, not a can I help you. Nothing! I was not acknowledged until I went to pay. Consequently, I didn't buy much.

I did get to see a yarn that I was contemplating for a sweater from the new Mason Dixon book. Rowan Calmer. I was glad that I got a chance to see and feel it. It was not what I wanted.

Then at rush hour, I headed back downtown to find my hotel. Again, was not well marked, it was on a one way street that went the opposite direction I was coming in, there was construction, there were people going places. Good thing I had a full tank of gas! I finally made it, checked in, went to my room and knitted. Had dinner with the group, met some new people, went back to the room and knitted!

End of a great day with some minor annoyances.

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