Friday, October 03, 2008

It's Been A Few Days

Since I blogged. I have been busy doing some knitting. I have been concentrating on the Cabin Fever Top Down Swing Coat. The weather this past few days would have been perfect for it. But, I am not even to the sleeves. These top downs are like that. Now, I know why I like bottoms up more.

Last night, Karen and I met out to Knit 4 Together for knit night. I managed to get out with Norma's yarn, Jo's Yarn and my yarn that Karen and I ordered a few weeks ago for the second Carol's Clever Shawl with Variations. I'm intent on getting this one done, because it too would be perfect for at work right now, when I don't necessarily want to put the whole jacket thing on.

Pictures will follow this weekend on the two projects above.

I took a couple of hours off this morning. I'm going with mom to the doctor for a consult. But, until then, I am enjoying myself. Having a whole pot of coffee, watching the Today show and knitting. Amazing what a couple of hours can do for one!

Well, maybe it being Friday doesn't hurt either!

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