Saturday, October 25, 2008

Life Is Hectic!

I barely have checked the home email this week. And next week will just be insane. There is so much to accomplish this weekend too. The weather has finally went to fall and I need to get down and get the turtle necks out and fluffed up. The windows need to be switched over. Bills need to be paid. And I need to see if I can recover my calendar from my archives for my Palm.

Two weeks ago, we made a switch at work on our computers and I discovered late last week that I lost ALL of my Palm stuff both on the desktop at work and when they synced it erased ALL on my Palm Treo. All meaning my contacts and my calendar!

So, being so smug, I said no problem, I have it at home. Well, when I just synced the Palm over rode the desktop and in turn wiped both my calendar and contacts away. No problem.....I'll go to my Archive. It's there, I just need now to wade through it all and reprise it. Thank GOD! I was this far from going back to paper!

I was reminded that I had not shared my yarn souvenirs from last week's trip to Indy. I'll do that starting tomorrow. They really are quite cool!

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