Sunday, December 28, 2008

On the 3rd and 4th Day of Vacation

I watched t.v and knitted. I love these Marathons on USA. Friday I spent the day watching House and Saturday I spent the day watching NCIS. In my jammies until I absolutely HAD to get dressed to grocery shop and then celebrate my mom and my nephew's birthday. I see a trend here!

Through all of the great t.v. I got to finish Rachel's Jacket on Day 4. It needs some blocking and I will be on the search for a perfect button to close it when I venture out.

Actually, I have about four things that now need blocking. I should really get to that this week while I am off as well.

Who would of thought a week ago when we were in the deep freeze with ice freezing the parking lots like ice skating rinks that not a week later we would be having tornado warnings, 60 degree weather and rivers overflowing?

Now, I'm not complaining because I am glad to see the stuff gone! But, it sure did look a little gray on Day 4.

But, I stayed dry and had my knitting. I was going out to Dunlap for soup, but felt a touch under the weather so I stayed home. I think it was just my stomach telling me I had been eating way too much sugar!

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