Saturday, December 06, 2008

Visions of Gift Giving Is Dancin In My Head

19 days til Christmas, 14 days til the kids are supposed to be here for a quick Christmas. And I am just now thinkin of all the cool things I could knit for the daughter-in-law.

Why? Because finally, things should be calming down and I have a chance to think. I don't have my tree up but I do have the rest of the decorating done. The Girls Holiday Bash is over for another year. Although work is still busy, I should not be working 11 hour days now. It should settle to about 9 hours instead.

I'm off to Dunlap today to pick up some yarn for another Carol's Clever Shawl (love those things) and a couple of other things that are on my list.

It's cold here in Central IL and just a snow shower here and there are predicted. Winter is here and OUT come the sweaters to be worn!

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