Thursday, February 05, 2009

Now We Wait

We signed up for 2.75 yesterday. Now, we sit and wish the month of February away and a little of March and wait to see if we got in. Talk about wishing your life away.

Once we find out if we are in, then we get all giddy and of course you blog readers will have to deal with it all cause we'll be talkin about camp all the time to everybody. I, actually, look forward to Knit Camp more than I look forward to Mexico in February!

For those regular readers you will note that I have not been talking about Mexico this week. My friends and I decided to not go this year. Saving a little money and the Radio station was going to Ixtapa which would have been our 3rd time there.

Instead, I am stayin home and savin for Knit Camp!

Side note, these are the colors I am so drawn to all of the time. Can you understand why?

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Nancy said...

Definitely can understand your love of Caribe!