Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Ravelry Primer

I spend alot of time on Ravelry. It is a time sucker. But, the information....the trouble I get into. And because I want you to come along with me, here is how I got to the great idea to use my Malabrigo for the February Lady Sweater.

I had this Malabrigo and was not a hundred percent on what I wanted to knit if from so I went to Ravelry. I hit the Yarn Tab. It just so happens that was one of the top rated yarns so it there it was my first sign. But, if it wasn't, I could have just typed it into the Yarn Search.

I clicked on it. 19000+ projects were in the project tab using this yarn. Which would I choose?

I used the Drill Down box and chose Show All.
Clicked on Types - Cardigans (to start with I just wanted to see the cardigans)
Clicked on Craft - Knitting (I'm a Knitter, remember)
Clicked on Any Color which came back with 66 pages, so I began there and just began paging down. I saw a trend going on. People were knitting alot of the February Lady Sweater.

I've wanted to do this sweater for sometime. Voila, a project was born!

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Nancy said...

Oh, yes, Ravelry is definitely a time suck, but of so enjoyable!
Good color for your sweater!
Tomorrow is Camp registration! "Yunz guys" all applying for 2.75 again?