Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Have Been A Slug

When it comes to bloggin, this week, just did not have either the time anything great to blog about.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. As I usually do, I spent a great morning at Knit 4 Together. I got buttons for the top down purple sweater and a book that has been out for quite awhile, but did not really give it a second look until both Sue and Claudia used it. Then I took a second look and decided it would be a great reference to just tuck in the knitting bag...the knitting bag is getting heavy now.

Then bopped over to Grand Prairie to return some pants. I picked up a couple of trashy romance books for next weekend reading at Borders and of course had to check the knitting books out, but there wasn't anything I needed to get. It felt so good out, that I parked the car at one end, walked to Borders at the other end and then walked to Dick's where I did a little Christmas shopping and then back to the car.

Lordy, if felt good to be outside in the fresh air and semi sun. Hope, we get some more this week.

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