Saturday, November 14, 2009

Paris, We Have A Problem

What to do with a very long scarf or a scarf for a very tall person? Solution? Cut it apart and make two. That was the collective advice of the Radical Knitters on Thursday.

Fellow Radical Knitter thought the scarf she was knitting needed to be longer than her 40 inch she added some extra stitches.

And we all know how hard it is to really know how long a scarf it would be with all of those stitches bunched up, right? And a scarf is a scarf and sometimes it is what it is.

But, how was Jo to know until she bound off the stitches and bound off the get the drift.

So, the solutions were kicked around a couple of different ways. Rip it all out (but she had already buried alot of ends in), machine stitch it and cut it in half and then somehow hide the raw edges, like sucking it up with a tassle, or adding fringe.

Or the final decision, put in two life lines about 2 inches in from the center.

Then, take the scissors and cut the very long scarf in half. Then, unravel both ends back enough to get long yarns.

Bury the yarns in the scarf. Eat birthday cake in the absence of alcohol.....

And voila, you get two scarves. One to wear as the Parisians do.

And a second as les Americaines do.

Good Save Jo!


Jo Dorsch said...

Thanks, Radicals! I don't know what I'd do without you!
You're all the greatest of knitters and friends!

janna said...

Jo! I knew you knew Jo, but I was still surprised when I saw here here! Hi, Jo!