Monday, November 16, 2009

I Think I'm Done

Celebrating birthdays, I mean. My friends Barb and Kristy bought me plates and cups for my birthmas. Tomorrow, after my dentist appointment and before I have to be home for the phone guy, I am going to run out to Grand Prairie and see about buying the dessert plates and look at the mugs.

They bought me 8 bowls and 8 plates....I might buy 4 more plates and bowls instead. That way I will have plenty should our family grow one day.

Another friend, Kathy, whom I help sometimes with her knitting bought me this new Kate Jacobs book. It is #3 in the Friday Night Knitting Club Series.

I started to read it, and realized that I, somehow, missed #2, Knit Two. So, after Grand Prairie and before I have to be home for the phone guy, I have on my list to stop at Barnes and Noble and look for it so I can read them in sequence.

I have quite the list for tomorrow. It started out I was going to the dentist early and then knit at Dunlap before the eye doctor late in the afternoon. Then, the phone company thingy cropped up and my plans have been shot to heck.

Sometimes, this working thing interferes with what I want to do.

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