Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Penny is 52 today. How did that happen? In puppy years, I feel like 42.

Actually, yesterday, I got new glasses. You know how it is with new glasses! I question whether they got them adjusted right, did I make the right decision on style, should I have went with the type I have had for the last three times, should I have went with the square ones, do these let me see as well as my old ones?

Okay, so maybe I really am 52. Oy!


Nancy said...

The specs are a little retro late 60's, very contemportary at the same time...just who you are and want to be!!! Happy Burphenday!!!

Elizabeth Risch said...

Happy Birthday, my knitting retreat buddy! You look lovely in your new glasses, and your Seedling Jacket is wonderful. I am also working on the Box Top jacket, 'cause it's starting to get cold! One and a half sleeves to go.