Tuesday, December 28, 2010


It's over. Well, not exactly. My niece from up North is coming down on Friday to celebrate Christmas with us. Then it will be over. My little tree is still up, but I hope to get it down today. The snowmen collection is partly up. I put them up from now until Spring Training and then the Snoopy Collection goes up.

And one of my little finds on line a couple of weeks ago, is this darling lighted knit shop. Mine came and the heads of the knitters were broken off. Called the company, they couldn't replace it, but gave me a credit and let me keep it. I super glued two of them on kind of...the other was gone, so one of my knitters has lost her head...probably over some yarn.

As I have said before, I am off this week and enjoying it. I told myself I was going to spend the whole week doing whatever I want, especially knitting. So far, I have been doing a little knitting and alot of trashy romance novel reading. The Tall Guy had the nerve yesterday to want me to go to the bank with him. I looked at him like he had sprouted horns...no way...I'm on vacation!

Seriously, I have been staying up late, getting up at a fairly decent hour and spending most of the day in my jammies, until I am forced to get a shower and get dressed in time for dinner.

Today, I might have to venture out and do something or maybe I'll wait til later in the week when it is 50 and the snow melts away.

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