Saturday, April 16, 2011


the weather would seem to disagree with me, it is Spring. A week ago in Central IL, it was in the 80's, today, it is windy, rainy and 39 at noon. But, it gives me one more reason to haul the turtleneck, sweater and boots out one more time!

Last weekend when I was under the weather, I did a little plotting out of the course of my Spring knitting. This is one of the bags I am going to work out of. The other bag is yarn shop specific so that when I am there, I have their yarn to knit on. I am kind of particular about that. Knit at a shop, knit their yarns.

The plan is to knit stash whenever possible.
The plan is to get some things off of needles that have been on for awhile.

Either, knit them or rethink them.

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