Saturday, April 09, 2011

I Gotta Get A Handle On This

This morning I didn't get to go to Saturday knitting at Knit 4 Together. I'm bummed. I did, however, get to make a trip to Urgent Care. Nothing serious, but a first ever for me.

Before going though, all kinds of things were going through my head...what if I have to have tests and they take a while? What if they admit me? What if I have to have emergency surgery and stay for a few days????? Will my family know what to bring out to me to knit while I am there? OY! Can you say over the edge?

I packed my bag for immediate knitting while waiting. Ask me if I even got into the bag? Oh, heck, you don't have to ask -- Nope.

And then I started winding balls of yarn and sticking them in my bag with some patterns for just in case knitting. Pleeeeeeeeeease. This would be the bag that the family could grab and bring out to me IF I knitted everything in my emergency bag.

Oy, I say OY! I think I am my mother's daughter! Don't tell anyone, ok!

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