Sunday, April 17, 2011

Having Some Fun

aka my shawl phase~

For sometime now, I've wanted a shawl that I could take with me wherever, that could be thrown over the shoulders when I get a chilled and double as as blankie when the body/feet get cold. In a color that would go with everything and take a little kicking around and not get dirty easily. Enter the Stonington and Cheryl's Alpaca.

Last night, being a little chilled I threw on my tried and true simple shawl and it kept me quite warm.

I now have a shawl bag that has several in progress.

I've kicked this yarn around in several different garments this Spring. It is the Gulf of Mexico colorway from Three Irish Girls. I think I finally found what I want to do with it. The Simple Garter Prairie Shawl is a nice mindless knit and I can knit it as big as I want. I think it'll be the one to take with me everywhere to knit on.

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