Sunday, May 01, 2011

It's May Day

The first of May, the first of the month, the first day of the week, hopefully, we'll see more sun this week and less rain! What can I say I am optimistic.

Time for new stuff and cleaning out the old.

Yesterday, when I tried to find something for Spring that I had knitted that I could wear to the Stitchers Guild Luncheon, I came up short. I tried both of last year's sweaters on and gave a critical look in the mirror. Neither of them are flattering this year, so they are coming out of the drawers and going to the Southside Mission box tomorrow.

I've decided I am only wearing those things out in public that look good on me (in my opinion)
I took a couple of weeks off from WW. I still watched what I ate, but have not been writing it down nor have I been walk/running in that much time. Too many things going on. T

Today it is back at it on both fronts!

And finally, some clean up is in order. I am noodlin on two new projects after yesterdays foray into finding something I actually knitted that I could wear for Spring. I'll blog on that later this week when I come to a decision.

I need to do my squares for the PASG afghan and have one idea that I am going to see what happens with it perhaps today.

Also, today is the start date for the Wool Peddler's Shawl KAL on the group Knitaway. That too, I'll blog about this week.

I have plenty of things to blog about this week it seems so stay posted. In the meantime, enjoy the sun if it is around where you are at. It was beautiful this morning and would have been a good day to go out and take some pics, but its gone now, so I'll work inside today and watch some baseball!

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