Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Dilemna

or why I did not knit much last night.

I bought this yarn so I could knit on it on Saturdays when I am Knit Four Together in Dunlap. Cause I like to knit on their yarn while I am sitting there.

This is the top I was talked into knitting. I had planned on lengthening the sleeves cause I can absolutely NOT wear it as is. Then shortening it up a bit so the ribbon does not hit my butt.

I tried Linda's on and with some modifications, the ladies there that Saturday thought it would look good on me? But, I am having serious reservations. Will I really wear this enough to justify knitting it?

Next I cast on for this.

And this morning, I am giving thought to this one...I have a wedding the first weekend in June and at the moment nothing to wear....can I knit it in time?

As a friend said, I am having decision paralysis. I need serious help! Serious.

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Kristen said...

Sorry I can be no help, I like them all! But I bet you would wear the last one more often, it's more versatile.