Saturday, August 06, 2011

Pure and Simple

I had a somewhat epiphany tonight. A friend of mine (Linda) will say, duh, haven't I been telling you this all along?!

Saturday nights lately for me seem to be the night I do laundry into the wee hours. While doing laundry, I surf the net and ravelry looking. Looking for possible new patterns. Like I don't already have enough, but looking all the same.

I've got a couple of projects that I am still working on for summer and early fall wearing. I intend on finishing them both. One will have to be sewn together, I hate sewing together or weaving or any of that fussy finishing business. Hence the reason the Bias Top sits on the coffee table where it landed after camp. The other project I have converted to knitting back and forth. It's out of linen and on a really loose gauge and is not my fave sweater, but I will finish it all the same.

I know earlier this month I said I was going to start knitting fall/winter, but today I realized while getting dressed that some of my over sweaters for both work and play are getting a little worn. And I have cotton yarns that would make great transition pieces.

So in my final look at the internet I wandered over to Patternfish, plugged in topdown women patterns. Hit upon some really cool top down patterns and some from Knitting Pure and Simple that I have not seen before. Some real contenders there for not only my cottons and some for the fall/winter season.

The Epiphany?! I like top down knitting. Really I do. Neat thing - KPS is converting all of their patterns so you can buy them in the middle of the night on Patternfish.

How cool is that?

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Linda said...

I told you so