Saturday, August 27, 2011

What A Great Time

Left on Thursday, got to Stitches in time for lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. I've had their pizzas from the grocery store and loved them. I did not realize that they actually had a restaurant that you could eat at it. Every year, my knitting friends introduce me to a new restaurant. How cool was that?

I took another class from Susanna Hansson this year. I learn so much from her. This year it was jogless stripes. Now, Meg has talked about them at camp, demonstrating them as well. I have read about them and watched them on videos, but never actually done them. Never really grasped the idea until I actually took Susanna's description and did them this year. It's really cool and I am anxious to do a little hat to do it over and over again.

Last year at Stitches, I bought the variegated Miss Babs yarn for a Wool Peddler Shoulder Shawl. This year, I deciced that I needed a solid to do a ruffle on it when it finally gets finished. Miss Babs herself helped me pick it out. It was nice to have the actual dyer, pull the right one off of the rack for me. This is now my fave piece of idiot knitting.

Years ago, I bought Jean Frost's first Jackets book and took her Jackets class. I loved it then and I can't wait to sit down and really peruse this one and see whats in it. I might have to save it for tomorrow, cause I am tired tonight.

I found this book and yarn in the Isager booth. The jackets in it are all done out of a very fine yarn and the needles for me are probably going to be around a 1, but the jackets all to die for. Plus this one is out of my norm for me.

Finally, I searched the show over and ended back at Webs for this great yearn from Cascade, Dolce. I have never heard of it, but it has the criteria that I was looking for. Pink but not bubble gume pink. Soft, definitely.

We had a great time at all of the events. I'm making notes for next year in my book as to remember things. Like where long sleeves, take sweaters to wear, long jammies, a robe and some knitted slippers for the pajama party.

I'm tired tonight, but it has been a great weekend so far.

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