Friday, June 28, 2013

Hi My Name is Penny

and I collect knitting needle interchangeable sets.

No, I didn't need them, but I finally did it.  I bought the new Chiagoo Red Lace Interchangeable set.  Yes, they were pricey, but I really am liking the Chiagoo Red Lace needles for knitting.  And yes, I still love my Knit Picks interchangeables, but I just had to have this new set.

I was having a little trouble with the drag on my Folk School Shawl now that I have more than 400 stitches on the needles, so I decided to switch the shawl over to the red lace needles on a longer cable for the rest of the shawl.

  On the shaft of the needle, there are both the life line holes and a larger hole that I can use my little tool to tighten them up a bit if I want, without worrying about twisting the wood since it is metal.  Initially to connect them, they screw together.

This is a nice new addition to my interchangeable knitting needle collection.  And I am okay with that!

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