Friday, June 07, 2013

Just In

Just got this book today at Knit 4 Together.  It has some of the coolest baby blankets I have seen in awhile.  There are many, and I mean many I would like to knit.  Unfortunately, right now, I only need one baby blanket.  But, hey, I figure I can always get a head of the game!  

And then I wasn't going to do this, but I had to pick up this book from down at the Fiber Universe.  They had it knitted in Simplicity which I have never worked with before, but it felt so soft and comfy.  They are ordering it for me in a pretty lime green.  I figure it can go either way boy or girl.

So, now I have some baby blankets to add to my knitting repertoire, but not until I finish the two shawls I have in progress.

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