Sunday, June 23, 2013

Whatcha Doin This Summer?

It is officially Summer, so what is on your bucket list before Fall rolls in?  Me, first of all is back to Weight Watchers.  In the Fall, I am going to have a little surgery and I want to be on my way to goal weight by then.  Today, was my last day to fool around, tomorrow morning, it is back at the exercise and back paying attention to the WW program.  What is your Summer exercise plan?

I've got my Summer reading all laid out on the chest waiting for me.  Other than a Cardinal ballgame, the knitting t.v. programs are pretty dried up for me this Summer, so I'll do a bit of reading while I knit this Summer.  What is on your recommended reading list for this Summer?

I'm going to start tracking my stash.  Any yarns that go into the yarn room from today on, are going to be logged in My Stash first.  One of my knitting friends has hers all on paper, and when we are at the shop and someone might need a stray ball of yarn, she hauls out her list  and checks it.  Me, I think it would be so much easier to have ready access to it online.  Do you have a fave way of keeping track of yours?

Quelle surprise!  I have a list going of projects that I really am going to concentrate on this Summer.  So far, I have finished one on the list and added one to the list.  What are your Summer knitting plans?

 And Shawls.  I am knitting shawls this Summer.  I have switched the socks out of my purse knitting and substituted it for a shoulder shawlette.  Another of my knitting friends knits tons of shoulder shawls and wears them all the time, year round.  She makes them work!  Which got me to thinking about all the sock yarns I have and how a couple of winters ago, I started knitting shoulder shawlettes for the many colors of turtle necks that I have.  So, summer shoulder shawlettes are back on the list.

But, also, big shawls.  I love those shawls you can practically double wrap yourself in.  And I definitely need one to throw in the car for those times when in the air condition that is cranked up for the 90 degree weather.  So, there is going to be at least one more of those besides my Folk School Shawl that I am knitting right now.  Do you have any fave shawls that you like, be they shoulder or otherwise?

Oh, and most importantly of all, in a week and a half, I'll be taking a two week vacation!  Two whole weeks!  We will be over celebrating with Mona Lisa for her 1st birthday right after the 4th, then we will come home and I'll be getting ready for Meg Swansen's Knit Camp!!  Then after camp, I'll come home and have a few days just for me!  Two whole freakin weeks...I'm stoked!

What kinds of things are you doing this Summer?!


Michelle Nielsen Ott said...

I'm having a baby so my list includes...prepare for baby, have baby, feed and care for baby. That pretty much sums it up. I do hope to get some good reading and knitting in though. I have all the yarn for crocheting a baby blanket, I already knit one.

Penny said...

My daughter-in-law got a lot of reading done while nursing and pumping. She always had a stack of books next to the nursing chair.

What fun - a new baby. Best of luck to you all!