Saturday, June 08, 2013

It Would Seem

That if you wanted to buy me yarn, you would know exactly what color to buy.  You wouldn't have to guess, would you?  A couple of days ago, I got my shipment of Plucky Knitter yarn for Meridien . 

 It became quite apparent that I like the shade, because when I took a little gander around my chair, here is what I found.  For my Camp Loopy Project, I have my sock yarn that is being newly repurposed to be a pattern from Wendy Johnson, that I am pretty certain I can have done by June 30th, the deadline.

Then an ongoing KAL from Mel over on Single Handed Knits Board on Ravelry has a very close shade of this colorway going....

And finally, yesterday with the help of Debbie and Erin down at The Fiber Universe, I have multiple shades of it to make my Aranami out of.  

So it would seem for the time being, you know what colors you will be seeing on this blog for a is nice though that I have a purse or two that matches what I 'll be knitting...I wonder about shoes?!

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