Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Was Not Kidding

when I said a couple of weeks ago that this was the Summer of Shawls.  It seems that my eyes and wallet keeps gravitating towards shawl yarns and shawl patterns.  Yesterday, I could not resist a kit and yarn yesterday at the shop.  Evidently, earlier this week there were a lot more of them so I was left with a pick of a solid green or this pretty.  I have a couple of turtlenecks that will look just fine under this one.  I wasn't super crazy about the pattern included but I went to my collection of patterns and I think I have found one that will fit the bill.  Only problem is I really want to cast on for it and I am really trying to not do that until I get something off the needles.  Thats my new thought.

Just a week ago, we saw the pictures of these next two shawl patterns, one is for fingering weight, the other for sport weight.  The gals who went to TNNA brought them back with them, so they were both waiting for me when I went in yesterday.

Both of them really need a solid or a tonal yarn to show off the lace and it would seem that the Yarn Room doesn't have a lot of these to fit the bill.

Except for this little pretty, which just so happens to be enough for one of them AND is almost solid AND is my color.  I bought it from Jenny the Potter a couple of years ago at Knit Camp.  And I really want to cast on for this one too, but I must wait.  That is the deal I have made with myself.

There are so many little shawls that I want to do, that I had to put them in their own special bag so I can watch them and remind myself what I want to knit on.  After, of course I get a project off of the needles.

We are having a beautiful sunny, relatively cool Sunday here in Central IL.  I have finished my semi-annual big cleaning today, which always makes me feel good.  I am only working three days next week and then on vacation for two whole weeks, so I am feeling pretty darn good today.  I hope you are too!


Kristen said...

I'd love to know what shawls you are going to make. I have some yarn earmarked for shawls too and need pattern inspiration!

Penny said...

I think that is a great idea for a post later this weekend, Kristen!