Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mail Call!

The mailman has been very nice to me lately.  Only thing is the Tall Guy is seeing a string of packages come for me.  I may need to start sending them to work…Kidding.

Meg showed this book at Knit Camp.  They just got their copies last week and mailed them out.  I am becoming to all things Shetland and Denise and Lori's trips there has only increased my appetite for all thing Shetland.  This winter may be the Winter of Shetland knits!

I could just not resist more project bags.  Well, when you have a lot of projects you need a lot of project bags right?!  These are from Little Skein in the Big Wool.  I ordered a set of stitch markers from her as well.  Not sure why, since I have a collection or two of stitch markers already.

Ah well, it was a weak moment.

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Andi said...

What lovely treats the mailman brought you. Those bags are so wonderful!