Friday, August 01, 2014

The Cycle

It is the first of August.  The common thread of conversations I have been having with friends is where did the Summer go.  In two weeks, the kids will start going back to school, not mine, but kids in general.  In a month, it will be Labor Day and we will be looking at Fall coming on.

Me, I'll be saying, where did my program of getting back on track for losing some weight go?  Well, frankly, the whole new house thing has put a bit of wrench in it.  Are you buying that excuse?  You shouldn't, but hey, it is my story and I am sticking to it.

Since it is the 1st of August, though, I am ready to try it again.  I've pre-paid for a couple of months of Weight Watchers and I think today is a good day to start taking advantage of it.  It is a new month, we have been to the store and bought some healthy snacks for me, my treadmill is ready to go in the basement and I am feeling in control.

On the knitting front, I moving along on my one and only Summer sweater and I have a line up for what is next.  I am going really try hard to knit on a couple of things at a time to get them finished instead of bouncing around all over the place.  One knit at a time!

Here is hoping that when a month from today rolls around, I will have some progress to report on both the knitting and the weight loss fronts!

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