Saturday, August 09, 2014

The Summer of Shawls Rolls On

I do not think we have ever had a Summer where we ran the a/c this little.  Makes me wonder what this Fall/Winter will be like.  In the meantime, I have another shawl off the needles.  This one I have been knitting on since May.

I have blogged about this before, but the really ah ha moment for me, was when I put those markers on every repeat.  It made me a believer.  It was so easy then to keep track of the repeats and the numbers of stitches I was supposed to have while knitting.

I did have a bit of a yarn moment, when right after camp, I ran out of yarn.  I knew it was going to be iffy since I had used a bulk of it on my Downover Shawl earlier this Summer.  I just sent a SOS to Cheryl and she had me a skein in the mail pronto so I could finish my Birds Nest Shawl.

There is an ever so slight difference in the dye lot on the new skein, but to the naked eye or galloping horse, one will never ever know.  I used Stephen West's Stretchy Bind Off on this one again.  I do believe it is going to be my go to bind off for now.  It is just what I needed for the long bind off on this one.

Now, I am off to find my next shawl to finish for the Summer.  It won't be long and the Summer of Shawls will be over and then well, you know it will probably be Fall for Shawls time.

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