Saturday, August 16, 2014

Planning The Next Project

The Summer of Shawls is winding down.  Now, I know that Summer is not really over for a few weeks, but schools around here are starting and in just a bit it will be Labor Day.  One of the shawls that I had a plan for this Summer is now going to be put aside for next Summer.  There just isn't enough time to knit it and I am getting itchy to start on my Fall Sweaters.  I'll still have a shawl or two on the needles (the Pi Shawl is always in my purse) and the Hap Shawl is at my feet to knit on when I get the urge.  My one and only Summer sweater should be blocking by the end of the weekend, so it will be time to start thinking seriously what the new project will be.

And that does not just happen for me.  The price you pay for having a fairly large stash and multiple projects is sometimes, it is real difficult to decide where to go.  And, also, a whole lot of effort goes into it as well.  So many possibilities.

And all of these went into this basket, that is now housing things in the future, that I might want to knit. But, none of them, this morning are making the cut.  A good nights sleep helps to keep the squirrel moments at bay.

This morning, I went to my trusty book that I started in January.

And realized, I have some great ideas here for Fall/Winter that I want to duplicate.  Only a couple of them really came to fruition, before Spring set in.  I realized how much I really liked these plans, and this morning, I am very much closer to knowing what I am going to knit next.

Most of all, I want my closet to reflect that I am a knitter this Fall, and I finally think I have zoned in on what I want to wear.  Sometimes, a good nights sleep is all it takes, that and a trip to the yarn shop this morning.

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