Monday, April 20, 2015

Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list of places you would like to go?  I do.

Hawaii - I want to get a condo by the beach so I can get up in the morning and watch the waves roll in while I drink my Kona coffee and knit.  I want to take walks on the beach, venture out and sight see, have lunch out and come back and have dinner cooked for me and watch the sun go down with a nice glass of wine.

I want to attend every knitting event on my calendar.  I want to have the money to attend all of the events that are on my calendar.  LOL.

Ireland -  I want to see the green everywhere in Ireland.  I want to buy Irish knits, sit in an Irish pub and drink Irish brew.

Norway - Since a child, I have always wanted to go the country that is shaped like a spoon.  Since marrying into a family of Norwegian decent, I've wanted to go there even more.  I'd like to learn how to speak Norwegian too.

The Faroe Islands - This makes the list just because of the shawls.  I love the way these lay over the shoulders.  Marilyn van Keppel turned me onto these  at knit camp.  She throws one of these babies over her shoulders and looks so elegant in just a simple outfit.  Cheryl Oberle kept it going with three designs of Faroese Shawls and a couple of others from her Folk Shawls book.  And then last
September, Meg featured one in Wool Gathering, of course I had to cast one on.   With this many cool shawls, who wouldn't want to go and see the land and the history they came from.

The Shetlands - my latest entry on my bucket list.  This group of islands north of Scotland has me so intrigued.   I want to knit every shetland shawl I see lately.  I am reading about sheep and knitters and the dialect.  I am obsessed with this latest bucket list entry.

Does it seem odd that my bucket list revolves around knitting?

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