Saturday, April 04, 2015

On Not Calling It Quits

I've been searching for something for about a week.  All I could come up with is this single skein of yarn in a basket waiting.

I looked at my list of projects in these bags and did not see it on the list, so I figured it wasn't there.  Last night I went back to the bag tree and thought I put my hands into a couple of bags and see if I could feel it.

The second one I put my hand into had just what was I was looking for.  In my defense, the bag is from July 2014 Knit Camp and it never made it to the list.

The sweater in progress, the pattern and an extra skein of yarn was in the bag.  (At least I was smart enough to circle where I was at on the pattern.

I had great intentions to knit on it today while I enjoyed the me Saturday.

But, I decided that first I would finish the back to Twister out of Berroco Linsey.  The knitting is all done, and tomorrow I am going to lightly block it.  Normally, I would do a full fledge dunk, but I really do not want the pieces on this one to stretch.

I am kind of liking this finishing stuff and putting some needles back in their place!

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