Monday, April 06, 2015

Whats On Tap This Week?

Ok, lets be clear, I don't plan on finishing all of these projects this week, they are rather where I am concentrating my knitting right now.

First is a Lang Pullover that has been on the needles since last Spring.  I used three needle bind off on the shoulder seams yesterday.

At first on Saturday night, I did the bind off as the instructions said, and even started sewing them together, but just was not crazy with the look.  I need to pull out the hints that I have filed away somewhere about dealing with these stair step bind offs and how to cure it.  I was just too impatient to do it this weekend, maybe next time.

The pattern had the sweater being knitted in pieces, but I've converted it all to in the round until the splits.  I started picking up the sleeve at the armscye and intended to knit it top down, but  the purl row was going in the wrong direction in comparison to the sweater body.  I ripped it out and cast on at the cuff and am going to knit in the round to the split at the underarm.  The sleeve is taking more time than I thought it was going to, but it should be some great knitting in public knitting this week.

My ongoing Faroese Shawl needs to be ripped back again.  What is it with me and this?  I seem to be doing a bit of that lately with this shawl.  It is going to be my before bed knitting project, you know with the t.v. off and just relaxing before going to bed.

The next in line for Hospice Prayer Shawl/Blanket.  In prep for knitting at the Hospice Home this Thursday.  An easy blanket to knit in public too.

I need to swatch my Madelinetosh this week so I can block it and cast on for a sweater to knit on while at the Knit 4 Together this week.

Slowly, but surely the Addicted to Pi Shawlette is coming along.  I have another shawl I am dying to cast on, but I have made a deal with myself, I cannot cast on it until this one is at least ready for blocking.

Rustic Beauty for the Hospice Home is finished, but waiting for blocking.  I dislike blocking so much.  I wish I could find someone to send mine to that would block for them for me.  I'd pay for that!

And finally, Twister has the knitting all done.  Now, it has to be lightly blocked and sewn together.  I'm going to have to make myself do this now.  As indicated above, I dislike blocking…and I am not a real fan of sewing up either.

Thats quite a bit to concentrate on, but I really feel like I have a focus now on what I want to be knitting on right now.

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