Sunday, April 12, 2015

So This Is What I Did

After spending a half of a morning and a half of an afternoon, surfing Ravelry and my patterns, I wound the skein back up.  Put it with it's siblings and put it on the shelf.

The lone lighter skein (it doesn't looks so light here, does it?!) became part of a swatch.  Yes, I swatch big.  Yes, I soak and let it dry.  And then I measure it for my sweater.  I did an extra big swatch, since part of the pattern is garter and part is stockinette.  That way, I'll know if I have to change a needle while knitting it.

  I ordered the Sea Salt Colorway that I really wanted.  And reminded myself, that if i needed a project to work on at the shop I have my Churchmouse Yarns Scarf that really could use being finished ( it is a year old almost after all).

And I have this little shawlette in progress that could use some more love.

The End!

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