Saturday, April 11, 2015

On Not Settling

So I settled for this yarn a couple of weeks ago at the shop.  It is not what I wanted, but the consensus was that I could get some more to add to it.  The color of this Madtosh is White Wash.

I figured it would be a good project to knit at the shop when I was out there (you know how I like to knit on yarn from the shop I am taking up space up on Saturday mornings.)  What I really wanted is the color way similar to the actual picture of the sweater I want to knit.  (The shop only had one skein)

One of my knitting friends had bought some White Wash for a shawl and she thought she would have an extra skein left from a shawl she was knitting.  Mine is on top, hers is on bottom.  Both are White Wash. (I know I could alternate skeins, but I don't wanna, (she says with a whine in her voice).

So, I cast on another Wool Peddler's Shawl this morning for Hospice, thinking I'll change this one up a bit at the bottom.  (Cause I've knit a few of these triangular shawls).

Oh, but wait for it!  Today at lunch I was a bit chilly, even though it is drop dead gorgeous outside, inside it is a bit cool while sitting still.

Soooo, I threw on my Birds Nest Shawl while I was eating lunch. I think I might like these wraps a bit.       
It covers my arms and comes around in front to keep me warm and snuggle in.  The only thing I might change up on one is to make it a bit wider so it comes further down over the back just a bit further and not quite so long as to come down to the patient's knees.  I won't use the same lace pattern for the Hospice Shawl, but I think I can find something fun and fairly mindless that can be knit at the shop with.

I think my yarn now wants to be a wrap  and I am now free to head over to the internet and buy the yarn I really want.  Moral of the story, again, do not settle for what you want!

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