Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Night Knits

I'm hanging out tonight in front of the t.v., watching the Cardinals and knitting some more on my Kailyard Shawl.  I am so enjoying the four plain rounds, but before the night is over, I'll be back on the charts.

The shawl is now at 512 stitches.  I've added stitch markers every 8 stitches for the repeat.  I think I may have used almost every little stitch marker I have and a couple of big ones to mark off the repeats.

I normally am not this careful with a knit, but with all these stitches and in lace and lace weight yarns, I am not taking any chances.  I've battened down the stitches on my needle with a couple of point protectors.

And after a row of two of the new lace chart, I think I'll throw in a life line, just for good measure.  Earlier this week, when knitting on the Bumble Bees chart, I found a couple of dropped stitches.  I pulled them up successfully, but I'm not taking any chances.

On tap for tomorrow is a wedding, which means I'll be missing Saturday morning knitting with the Knit Wits, but, I'll enjoy not having to go anywhere until in later day.  Perhaps, I'll get a couple of new  repeats done on Kailyard then.

Stay cool this weekend if you are in Central Illinois.

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Nancy said...

You're coming along beautifully with the shawl.
90 and several rounds of thunderstorms, high winds are predicted for here Saturday.