Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wednesday WIP

When is a WIP not a WIP?   When it is finished OR

When it is ripped out!

This is the second Meadow Grass that I have knit and not been overly happy with the size.  My first one was for Hospice and it was a fair size, but still not as wide or long as I would have preferred.  Last night, I had started the lace and found a problem so I popped it off the needles.  Big disappointment.  So small, there is no way this one was going to cut it.  

There comes a time when a WIP just doesn't make the cut.  This one definitely didn't and I'm moving on from Meadow Grass.

Last Saturday, I went to a wedding and I just wanted to share the candy bar picture from the reception.  What a super cool idea and it kept the kids busy and nice and sugared up before dinner.  

And the favors at our seats - for the adults, the mother of the groom's special recipe of Apple Pie in a cute little ball jar.  And for the kids, cotton candy!

Happy Wednesday Everybody!

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