Friday, June 03, 2016

Summer of Shawls!

I have a ton a lot of shawls on the needles, and one of my goals this Summer is to get a good portion of them off of the needles by the time of Fall sweater knitting commences.  This is just a start of what I hope to empty this Summer while knitting shawls.

One of the top WIPS to try and get off of the needles is the Three Color Cashmere Shawl.  The yarns are Yarn Republic and all three are Willy Wonka color ways.  I am finally ready to start the last band!

 I have to say the  band I just finished of fairly  super easy lace gave me a few fits and starts on it.  Really, it is a simple lace pattern and last week sometime,  I succumbed and ripped  it back to the third row of the chart and put markers in on every repeat.  Even then, I managed to foul it up a time or two, but it was easily fixed.

Now, with a few rows of 450 stitches plus to go and the picot bind off, I'm taking a minute or two to knit on something mindless, but yet still a shawl.  This one is going to be for Hospice.  It is Meadow Grass.

I have knit it once before for Hospice out of a teal and black Ultra Pima and decided to knit it again, only this time from Knitcircus' Greatest of Ease.  It is one of the larger skeins, but it still may not be enough for the entire shawl.  But, I've got a plan for that should I need it.  Hmm, I see a trend here in my Summer Shawls so far.

Do you have any Summer of Shawls  Goals?  I'd love to know what you are knitting this Summer.

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