Saturday, June 18, 2016

Mail Call!!

Last week, I got the email that Kate Davies' book has been mailed.  Look what came today.

I'll give you a review of it later this Summer, during Summer of Shawls.

Also in the mail this week, my Allbirds arrived.  I had them on a couple of times and maybe I was just not in the mood or it was after a particular hard day on my feet, because both times they were back in the box and I was contemplating returning them.

But, yesterday, I had a bit of a summer bug and was chilled.  At some point in time, I decided to put them on and give them a test ride.  On day 2, I am kind of liking them.  They are wool knit and comfy. They are keeping my toes warm and no socks are required.  On the con side, they do not come in half sizes, so if I wanted to wear my wooly socks later this fall/winter, I would need a larger size.  I am hearing though that some wearers found that by going up a size the heel was  a little slippy.
I am keeping them and going to wear them to camp next month, which should be perfect in the cold hotel!

The mailman did not disappoint this week.  He brought me some Linsey yarn that has been discontinued  and is almost impossible to get, except through stashes on Ravelry.  As luck would have it, I found just the color way I was looking for, in the amount I needed and from someone who wanted to sell theirs.  Score!

I found the rest of the yarn I needed at one of my local yarn shops so now I am set to knit this sweater that I have been dying to cast on this Summer.  It may go with me to Camp as my knitting project.

I have to admit, I am like a kid when the mailman comes, just waiting for something fun besides bills!  Especially when I know there is something on the way! 

Have a great Saturday and I hope the mailman brings you something fun today!

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