Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Wednesday WIP

I'm getting ready for Stitches Midwest tomorrow, and of course, the most important thing to figure out is what knitting to take?  I've got three coming along for the ride.  All of them are nice easy stockinette things, so they will be easy to knit and people watch.  

And in order to get ready to cast on, a swatch is necessary, which I did.  I am loving this yarn!  It is Carol Sunday's Angelic.  The pattern is Nancy's vest.  I am using a size 3 and did I say I am loving this yarn.  And no, it is not my normal color, but I think this is going be so neat looking over a nice white crisp blouse for later this Fall.

First off on the cast on is a cast on I have never ever used.  I have heard of it, but just never had the opportunity to use it.  The Tubular Cast On starts with knitting with waste yarn.

Check out the technique on google.  You end up pulling out the waste yarn and you've got a nice little tubular edge.

I'm super excited to be knitting this one and taking it along to Chicago with me.  I'll catch you up at the end of the weekend with all the cool stuff to be found up there. Until then, have a nice weekend!

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