Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Winner Winner!

I have been most tardy in posting what I won!  I am knitting Susan B Anderson's new Smooth Operator Socks pattern.  During the month of August, she did some giveaways for those of us who were knitting along on both Instagram and the Ravelry group.  As I am a real fan these days of Instagram, I posted my in progress socks there.

Imagine my surprise, when I received a message from Susan through Ravelry that I won a prize!  A week or so later, look what arrived!  The packet of yarns from Vice Yarns are super colors and so soft, I'm gonna love knitting with them.

And look at the cute little post-it that arrived with it.  How cool is that!!!

A big thank you to both Vice Yarns and Susan B. Anderson!  I am such a fan girl!

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